Warm Wax Roll Ons (110ml)

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  • The quickest and most practical waxing method
  • It comes with a variety of natural extracts that give you the perfect hair depilation experience:
    • Ayurveda: formulated with Ayurvense and Zinc Oxide
    • Azulene: is an anti-inflammatory extracted from chamomile and yarrow flowers. It is an excellent analgesic & detoxifier that calms and soothes the skin
    • Banana: works as a moisturiser and leaves the skin in brilliant shape.
    • Chocolate: enriched with theobroma cacao & almond oil. This innovative composition gives it particular characteristics that provide a pleasant and effective waxing process, leaving the skin hydrated and regenerated
    • Glamour Gold: with Argan Oil for a luxurious and pleasant experience
    • For Men: its composition of Eucalyptus oil and Titanium Dioxide assures a hydrated and regenerated skin after depilation. It ensures a total opening of the pore and a maximum hair removal even on sweating skins. The antiseptic effect of Eucalyptus preserves the pore from contamination. The warm wax for men is particularly strong and will remove even the most stubborn hair
    • Natural Honey: this wax is very popular due to its golden honey colour, deep hair removal and smooth texture. Its transparent colour allows the process to be much simpler as the area of application can be clearly seen
    • Pink Creme: enriched with Ricinus Communis seed oil and Titanium Dioxide, this formula creates a fantastic wax suitable for all skin types with incredible results
    • Olive Oil: moisturises, soothes and calms
    • Strawberry-Champagne: strawberry essential oil with a touch of champagne